What is sentiment analysis?

Sentiment analysis refers to the use of natural language processing, text analysis and computational linguistics to systematically identify, extract and quantify emotions and opinions expressed on social media and news.

Augmento uses sentiment analysis to determine how the crowd feels and thinks about cryptocurrencies.

Take the post below as an example:

Casper is going to be great for Ethereum. It means it can’t be disrupted by governments coming after the miners. Right now if China cracks down on those huge ass mining warehouses using more electricity than most African countries, there could be huge backlogs in transactions as they shift to western countries. Casper does away with that uncertainty, it simply makes the technology much more government interferrence proof.”

In that post our algorithm identifies this emotion: Positive—and these topics: Regulation/Politics, Technology, Mining

Why use sentiment indicators?

Cryptocurrency prices are largely influenced by crowd sentiment, online buzz and investors’ psychology. We offer you a comprehensive tool to look into crowd sentiment and psychology in real time—based on tens of thousands of posts and articles. See when markets get overheated or when rumors cause panic. You can use our social indicators to build winning data-driven strategies.

Which data sources do you monitor?

We analyse data from Twitter, Reddit and Bitcointalk in real time. 

How is your solution different?

Conventional sentiment analysis solutions underperform in the cryptocurrency market due to the very specific terminology as well as varying importance of indicators that require deep industry specific knowledge throughout the development process.

Since 2015 Augmento brings together computational linguists, data scientists, mathematicians and behavioral economists to build the industry’s leading sentiment analysis.

Unlike other solutions, our AI can not only measure two dimensional positive/negative scores but differentiate between more than 100 of the most crucial crowd emotions and topics of discussion specific to the cryptocurrency market.

We designed a proprietary system which enables its AI to continuously learn crypto-specific language and important indicators as they emerge in this fast paced and dynamic market.

Do you provide an API?

Yes, Augmento offers a historical API (free) and live sentiment API (paid). Click here to get a price.

How do you deal with fake news and manipulation?

Augmento has built a system of trusted sources that we improve on an ongoing basis.  Implemented spam filters and bot detection systems make sure we capture value-relevant information and get rid of the noise.

Am I allowed to publish insights and visualisations based on Augmento's data?

Journalists are encouraged to publish insights and data visualizations from Augmento. Please do not forget to state the source and include a link to our website.

Can your technology be applied to other industries/markets?

Yes it can. However, we focus 100% on crypto asset markets before moving on to other sectors. Nevertheless, we would be glad to hear about the challenges in your industry.