Be ahead of the curve

Monitor crowd psychology at
superhuman scale

Our AI tracks 115 emotions and topics in crypto’s most important social media. In real time. And back in time.

Leverage specialised AI

We train our proprietary algorithms on crypto specific language to provide you the most accurate trends on what crypto communities think, feel and do.

Predict & build winning strategies

Don’t get fooled by your own emotions. Instead support your strategies with quantified data on what the market thinks and feels about all important crypto assets.

"Bitcoin is a social phenomenon"

—Robert Shiller, Nobel Prize in Economics.

Crypto assets are much more than about technology. As Robert Shiller states, they are a social phenomenon. While being anchored in fundamentals their value is propelled by network effects. Trust, hypes, rumors—and above all—human emotions impact how assets develop. Those who can grasp these social factors at scale will have an edge. That’s why Augmento is on the mission to build the industries leading sentiment analysis for crypto assets. Be part of it.

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