Why our sentiment data is unique

Capture market psychology

While conventional sentiment analysis can merely differentiate between positive and negative sentiments, Augmento’s AI can quantify the entire spectrum of crypto crowd psychology. By taking into account a broad range of human emotions (e.g. euphoria, fear) and relevant topics of discussion (e.g. hacks, team) Augmento can quantify what moves the market in real time.

Made for crypto

Augmento’s AI is trained exclusively on cryptocurrency- and trading-related language and uses a hybrid approach (machine learning and linguistic analysis) to ensure the highest achievable accuracy.

Correlates with forward returns

The Augmento dataset shows statistically significant correlations (up to 0.5, Spearman) between multiple features and future price change.

"Bitcoin is a social phenomenon"

—Robert Shiller, Nobel Prize in Economics.

Crypto assets are about much more than technology. As Robert Shiller states, they are a social phenomenon. While being anchored in fundamentals their value is propelled by social network effects. Trust, hypes, rumors—and above all—human emotions and investors’ sentiment impact how assets develop. Recent academic research shows that cryptocurrency markets are heavily influenced by attention and perception or in short: social media sentiment. Those who can grasp these social factors at scale will have an edge. That’s why Augmento is on the mission to build the industries leading sentiment analysis for crypto assets. Be part of it.

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