Bitcoin sentiment – Bull & Bear Index

The graphs show how bullish/bearish conversations about Bitcoin (BTC) are on social media.
0 is extreme bearish, 1 extreme bullish. The underlying data is collected from Twitter, Reddit and Bitcointalk and updates every hour. Hover over the score in the top graph to see the topics trending at that time. Click on the legend to isolate data sources.
Augmento constantly collects cryptocurrency related conversations from Twitter, Reddit & Bitcointalk. Using a classifier trained on crypto specific language the data is analyzed according to 93 sentiments and topics. This method allows to create years of stable data suitable for backtesting.
For this index a combination of these sentiments is used to create a score that reflects whether people on crypto social media exhibit rather bearish or bullish emotions.
If you want to backtest minutely data for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies use the Crypto Sentiment API or visit to learn more about crypto sentiment.
Sentiment and topics measured by Augmento’s AI
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