Our Story

Since 2015 we are developing AI with the vision of augmenting human decision making. With longstanding experience at the intersection of trend research and computer science, we tackle the challenge of a really hard problem: predicting social phenomena in a world where polls and surveys fail to deliver insight.

The world has changed: Never before there was so much powerful information openly available while being locked up in a flood of data exceeding human capacities. Our mission is to unlock this information and empower people to make better data-driven decisions.

Having supported world-leading companies and institutions in making data-driven decisions we are now building the industry’s leading crypto sentiment analysis.


We are a team with clear values. We are passionate, we strive for excellence, we explore and we create. Our values tell stories of our personal backgrounds and what we expect from each other to build an environment in which we thrive.

We are always looking for outstanding talent. If you want to be part of making technology to augment human intelligence reach out to us.

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