Our formula for deeper insights

Augmento combines Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Human Creativity in a unique way to answer Innovators’ most burning questions.

Big Data

We collect powerful data on innovation topics from social media, blogs, forums, startup platforms, academic websites and much more.

Artificial Intelligence

Our machine learning modules identify trends, patterns and sentiments at large scale and with high speed.

Human Creativity

We find creative ways to utilise AI technology to answer your unique and industry-specific questions. We dig deep to understand the WHY behind the data.

Get customised insights delivered fast and easy to grasp via the Augmento platform

Questions our customers ask us

What can be short term and long term disrupters for my industry?

Are there unmet customer needs that provide new business opportunities?

Which topics matter most to industry experts and innovators?

When will a certain technology conquer the mainstream?

What are trends amongst startups in my industry?

To whom should I talk to in order to collaborate and why?

Which scientific research is underway to solve unmet customer problems?

Which technologies or social trends spur the most controversy?

Which company in our industry receives most attention?

Which technology will shape the everyday life of our future customers?

What do our customers fear? What do they hope for?

What is your most burning question?

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