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January 10, 2018

Bitcoin vs. Ethereum: Is It All About Price Or Does Technology Actually Count?

Technology or price—learn what mattered more to the biggest communities of Bitcoin and Ethereum on Reddit in 2017. 2017 was the year when Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies reached mainstream awareness. We...
December 28, 2017

The Biggest Roadblock Against Autonomous Vehicles Is Us

In this article, you will learn exactly when highly engaged users expect autonomous vehicles to arrive, as well as which barriers this technology faces from a consumer perspective. The technology...
December 07, 2017

Biohackers Start To Rewrite The Human Code

This article provides you with a glimpse into the future of Biohacking. Learn about the different fields of Biohacking and how do-it-yourself gene modification spurs discussions already today. Biohackers are...